We love using Supermetrics to help with reporting on paid media spend and performance for our clients. We thought we would show off one of our basic templates in Google Sheets today.

If you are not using Supermetrics with reporting on your paid media spend, then you are missing out on saving tons of time. We have been using the tool for 2.5 years now and can’t live without it. 

In fact, we only pay for 9 tools across the agency and only 3 of those are client facing. The other two tools being Feedonomics and Zoom. The fact Supermetrics is in there tells you how much we rely on the tool to help make our agency stronger.

One of the basic reports we build for each client is about media spend. We want to report how much we are spending each week and month but also how much revenue we are bringing in.

Below is an example of an ecommerce client targeting parents with young kids. The balance for this client was always ROAS vs revenue. We can look at lowering ROAS to get more revenue but it will be hard to maintain a higher ROAs AND get your tons more revenue, especially for the niche they were in.

We also look at return on ad spend (ROAS), conversions, and our CPA as other metrics. There will always be an ebb and flow for each client but it’s good to make sure we know when there is a major change.

This channel report looks at Google. We would have one for Microsoft, Facebook, Pinterest or any other channel we are managing for a client as well. We also always build a Paid Search tab that has all our search spend in one easy view.

Beyond that it’s a case by case need on what we build. Sometimes we might pull the best performing ads from Google and Facebook. One client wanted to look at the best performing keywords in Google as that was their largest spending channel.

Another client wanted to see a breakout of brand non-brand spend, revenue, CPA and ROAS. This lead to a great chat about why we need to invest beyond bottom of funnel marketing to grow the business.

The major reason we build these reports is to make sure we are headed in theright direction. Tt also helps build trust and rapport with clients as not all agencies share data and what they are doing.

You can also check out the Supermetrics Template gallery on their site. That is it for this week. See you next time.

Disclaimer: We independently select the tools and technology that we use at the agency—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission.