Remarketing on Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms is important for the growth of your brand. Given this informaton, you’ll want to look at moving beyond the standard 7 – 60 day audience lists you see more brands use.

Remarketing on Facebook and other social platforms is key for your growth. Facebook, Instagram and other platforms, including Pinterest, have an immense amount of datat regarding our purchase and shopping habits. With all this information though, there are some often underused remarketing tactics that can help an ecommerce brand scale up and stay profitable.

You see a lot of brands use remarketing lists from 7 to 60 days. Some will even go to 180 days and beyond. That is a great place to start if you don’t have purchased data baked in. Remarketing on Youtube is a good example.

When you are doing paid social ads, you want to refine your lists and make sure you can consolidate as much data and similar people together into a singular audience. The 2 new audiences we use to scale up brands faster and drive revenue that we don’t see 90% of brands use are the following:

2+ Customer Orders

The major goal of any brand is repeat customers. You want to get someone to purchase a second and third time. You definitely want to have a few loyal customers who champion your brand as well. 

Instead of trying to build a lookalike audience of people who look like all your customers, you upload email addresses of all your customers who have purchased at least 2 times from your brand over the last two or three years. 

Depending on your recency and frequency of purchases, you could use a shorter window, like a year. The more data you can feed to Facebook and Instagram, the better.

Once you build a lookalike audience off the email addresses, you can start to test your ad copy and creative to see what is going to get this group to convert. 

– Easier to setup as most brands can use this tactic
– Usually has more data than other methods below
– Industry agnostics, anyone in ecom can use this

– Can include customers with many low purchases transaction amounts
– Can include customers with a low AOV and LTV

2x Average Order Value

If you are already going after people who have ordered from you 2+ times, what about those who have an average order value that is twice your yearly average?

If the average customer spends $75 with you on each transaction what do the people who spend $150 per transaction look like? How do you get more of those people as customers? These customers are even more valuable because they are already spending a large sum of money with you. 

If you can find more customers like them and scale up a campaign across the Facebook family of apps (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, etc…), you will have a distinct edge against competitors. This is not a list you see many brands use in ecommerce. We have been using both the last two years and it has helped our clients scale up and stay profitable at the same time.

– Weeds out customer who don’t spend tons with your brand
– Industry agnostics, anyone in ecom can use this

– Can have a small sample of data to work with, which can make building a strong lookalike audience harder

One thing you should not forget about is audience exclusion and overlap. Remove the people who have already purchased or those who bounce off your site right away from these lists. That is it for this week. See you next time.