The hardest part of growth is getting a new customer to buy your product over a competitor. Learn about 6 brands across food, health and skincare who are using sample packs and taster boxes to scale their customer acquisition with first time purchasers.

With everyone shopping online and willing to try new brands as inventory levels push people out of their comfort zone, a lot of direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have an opportunity to use product samples to acquire customers.

A product sample is a sample of a consumer product that is given to the consumer free of cost so that he or she may try a product before committing to a purchase. There is also the option of charging a break even cost to offer potential customers a starter or taster size product to make sure they really want to try your brand. 

This is especially true for brands that only offer a subscription plan. No one wants to subscribe to a new product before knowing they will like it. Offering a taster or starter product is for those people who want to test out the brand before committing. Here are 6 direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands doing it right.


Nomz is a Toronto brand that I have actually tried and ordered from often. They give you the option of a small starter box of 8 pouches (2 of each flavour) and test out the product. I remember getting a few Instagram ads before purchasing. Without this SKU, I wouldn’t have bothered to try them. The other options that let me try all 4 flavours would have been costly, and I wanted to make sure I was going to like what I purchased.

Check out Nom’z starter assorted box.

Bottle Shot Brew

A cool UK brand using small taster pack to get customers to try their coffee brew. A friend who works on their Facebook ads is how I came across this one. Bottle Shot Brew only has 6 SKUs and half are not drink related, so this taster pack really stands out. Nothing worse than ordering food online and hating the taste.

Check out Bottle Shot Brew’s Taster Pack (2 Cans).

Sweet Dreams

Sleep and getting enough of it has come first circle. There are a lot of products out there that claim to help you. Personally, I love that Sweet Dreams has a 3 night trial to test out their product. Not sure if 3 nights is enough to know if it works as I have not tried it but it’s a safer risk then going on a subscription.

You can check out Sweet Dreams’s Potion Trial if you were inclined.

Malin + Goetz

Try before you buy. That says it all from Malin + Goetz. People want to try their skincare products before saying yes to a bigger product. They went with a free cost to customers vs charging a nominal fee we see other DTC brands do. This is also another UK brand, which makes more sense for why they could offer it free, seeing as it’s very cheap to ship items across the UK. If they know X number of people convert into paying customers, this could be a profitable channel for the brand.

Discovery Sample Kit

Native Co

Native Co is a personal grooming brand that offer products that are “good, clean, fun, and cruelty free.” They offer a series of “mini deoderants” for a nominal price. Their shipping costs are also incredibly fair, so its an awesome way to test out their products. Also, it’s great to see more non-food brands trying sample packs.

Check out Native Co’s Mini Deodorant.

Run Gum

The team at Run Gum does a similar product as Nomz. Their product is a chewing gum that is said to help with energy levels and focus. They offer a packager that lets you try their various flavours without a huge commitment. Plus they offer free shipping with the purchase! Mega steal.

If you wanted to check out Run Gum’s Trail, we suggest you do so.


Sample size SKUs are a great way to remove the objection to trying a new product. It can be hard for brands to make money, however, if done right, it can be a great way to acquire first time customers.