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Toy Of The Month: How A Simple Concept Can Build A 2 Way Revenue Stream

I was challenged with a task on how I could help my retail client build up their website even further and allow them to expand their revenue.   I wanted to bring forth an option where they can showcase new arrivals, specific product pushes and boost overall revenue.


Utilizing my background in retail, one thing I noticed on the client’s site was the absence of a driver towards specific products.  With that, I decided to put forth the idea of having a “Toy of the Month” callout on their website.


The idea here is to be able to push specific toys of your choosing.  Either it could be a new toy arrival that you want to showcase or a product that you need to push sales for.   You can then drive to either the product page or an editorial article. Driving to an editorial article will also help boost search traffic to your site through SEO.   As a result of this, week over week we saw a jump in unique pageviews by 1,200%, and average time spent on page jump of 366% within the first 2 weeks.  

Eventually the main goal of this would be, if you are a retailer that sells other brands besides your own, would be to generate enough traffic to your site that you could then utilize the space to generate ad revenue.   How this would work, is that you would be able to reach out to your brand vendors and offer them this as ad space for a monthly sponsorship fee.


The value to the vendor would be able to reach your customers by highlighting their brand and a specific product to your loyal customers.   As my client is already a trusted brand with a loyal customer base, they are able to leverage their influential voice for their brand vendors.   


Enabling “Toy of the Month” is a great way to be able to create revenue not just from product sales but from ad sales as well. In addition, it is a great way to build your brand voice and credibility to your audience of being a subject matter expert.  


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