If you miss Facebook audience insights, you need to use Snap’s advertising platform to help you get that data back!

If you haven’t checked out our Snap Ads Guide, then that should be your first stop in our Snap ads coverage. Today we want to talk about the power of Snap’s ad manager even if you don’t want to run ads. Now, you may be thinking, “What…?”

You heard me, tap into the power of audience insights in Snap and use that to inform what you do on other platforms like Instagram, YouTube or Google. Plus you can run ads on Snap using that data as well. But lets first get you some free Snap ad credits to help you run ads:

$1,000 Snap Ad Credit

Sign Up For Your Ad Account

Get $1,000 in Snap Ad credit when you sign up for a brand new ad account and you first spend $1,000 dollars in ads. You do need to spend $1,000 in advertising of your own money before you get the ad credit.

A lot of people don’t think their customers are on Snap or it is just a place for teenagers, which could not be further from the truth. The big question then becomes…

Are Your Customers On Snap?

One option is that you could install the Snap Pixel on your site and wait for the data to come back for that. The other option is to upload your customer emails into the Audience section of Snap Ads and build yourself a saved audience.

  1. Login to Snap As
  2. Navigate to the Manager Ads
  3. Click on Audiences under Assets
  4. Click on New Audience > Save Audience (top right corner)
  5. Scroll down to Audiences
  6. Click on Custom Audiences and select the customer list you just uploaded

If you have never uploaded emails into Snap, Click on New Audience > Custom Audiences (top right corner). Then select Customer Lists. I like to upload emails and phone numbers but you can just upload email addresses of your customers. Give your list a solid name that can help you understand who is in the list, especially if you upload different lists of your customers vs newsletter subscribers.

Once you do the steps 6 above. the “Saved Audience” is going to start telling you who makes up your customer list and how they compared to the USA. You can change your Target Location in the top left but the default is the USA.

Audience Insights

Some of the amazing data you start to get back about your customers are age, gender, household income, and languages. What you really care about, however, is the data tied to interests, datalogic and experian.


Are your customers interested in music more than TV & film? Do they care about sports a ton? Are they more into travel or staying home with their pets? Where they store and what they look at is covered?

Datalogic & Experian

These are data sources that pull credit card data and other 3rd party data sources to map people back to their purchasing habits. What is someone’s relationship status and do they have kids? What does their buying habits look like and what does it tell us about them? 

All this information can be used to build better audience targeting on other ad platforms but it can also be used to help you do better audience analysis and targeting on Snap ads. Everyone is more than one just interests they have. We have dozens of interests and the better targeting you can do by understanding who your customers are, the more you can show the right people the right ads.

Disclaimer: We independently select the tools and technology that we use at the agency—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission. Our agency is an Snapchat Ambassador for the app and ad platform.