Passenger App

The Challenge..

Passenger is a milage app that launched in 2016. The app competes with Mile IQ (owned by Microsoft) and Expensify, which are both well funded apps. The company is based in Amsterdam and targets business travelers in the United States.

The app helps business travelers track and expense their trips for tax-deduction and reimbursement. We needed to figure out how to compete with and against Mile IQ and Expensify.


United States

Our Role

We were hired to work with the founders and do an audit of their app and site, which included branding. We also worked on the go-to-market strategy (GTM) for the app. The GTM strategy focused on paid media, branding and app store optimization (ASO).

Our Process

We spent a week doing research and conducting an audit that looked at Mile IQ and Expensifiy and how they brand and market their app. Part of the research involved qualitative and quantitative research with customers and potential customers. This work uncovered gaps and opportunities in the market that neither brand was using. We used this research to create a GTM strategy document that the client could use to execute against.

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