The Challenge..

Mopp is the leading brand in the United Kingdom that helps people book a cleaner for their home. The brand was launched in April 2013 and bought by Handy in September 2014.


United Kingdom

Our Role

I was the head of marketing and managed a team of 4 across public relations (PR), search engine optimization (SEO) and content. I ran and managed paid acquisition across the United Kingdom for our site and app. I worked with the head of development to manage our analytics and data tracking for the site and app.

For the launch of our iOS app that catered to the on-the-go needs of our customers. I worked on app store optimization, mobile app marketing and our go-to market strategy from pre-launch to the launch phase for our app. I used Appsflyer data and MixPanel to analyze what was a happening in our app to increase performance to help on board more customers.

Our Process

After a half-day audit on the Google AdWords account and interviewing the founders, I researched the market and tried to understand our competition and more importantly the needs of our customers. We used that research to create ad copy and campaigns that grow the business from $500K to over $10MM in revenue in 9 month.

As the team grew, we worked on running a/b tests on our site and landing pages for each city as we grew from just London to across the United Kingdom. Running a/b tests was a huge win for the startup as we were able to make sure our messaging was matching what people were searching for. It also allowed us to grow our position in the market, which grew our revenue as we went from 11 employees to 40 in 9 months.

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