The Challenge..

Grayes was started because the founders believed you should love your 9-to-5 wardrobe as much as your favorite pair of jeans. You should feel like “you” in your work clothes. And a few thoughtfully designed pieces go a long way. Building a high-end brand scratch and competing with well funded starts around the world is the challenge they asked us to help them compete with.



Our Role

We managed Grayes’ AdWords, Google Shopping and Facebook marketing for the high end fashion brand. We also worked on design and branding related to how the brand is going to communicate its message in the Canadian market. 

Once we had a strong footing in place, we have been helping the client run a/b tests with ad copy. Plus we did a site audit through the lens of conversion rate optimization (CRO) and how we can make the site, built on Shopify,  the best experience it can be. Building more trust in the brand and removing as much friction as possible was our goal.

Our Process

We started our process with an audit on the site and their Facebook Ad Account. Both of these audit allowed us to find opportunities in the data and focus our time and money to help Grayes double their sales compared to the in-house team and their Toronto based agency. Once we found a set of marketing that worked, we started to scale our work and apply our messaging to other product they sold.  We also worked on content marketing across video and PR to help grow poeple’s awareness of the brand, which lead to direct sales from our content marketing efforts.

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