The Challenge..

Eating Europe is an Italy based booking site that runs food tours in Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Czech Republic. They advertise and market these 4 food tours in 8 countries across the globe.

They needed help lowering their cost to acquire customers while growing the business during the Spring and Summer season in 2017.


Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia & New Zealand, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Italy

Our Role

We took over managing their AdWords account and worked with an internal person to get their Google Tag Manager account up and running. We interviewed their head of marketing to understand the business and the peak 2016 season, which we applied to the 2017 season. We built a dashboard to help track results and KPIs for each country. The reason we did this was that the current report looked at averages across all markets, which was hiding inefficiencies.

Our Process

We started with a 2 day account audit on the AdWords account that they used to manage the marketing for all 8 countries. The audit gave us a plan to work with, which included giving each country their own AdWords account to help grow the business. We shifted budget to profitable countries, paused under performing campaigns, and adjusted ad copy where it made sense. We turned 6 of the 7 countries into a profitable business while lowering their CPA and bringing in more sales & revenue. Italy was already a profitable business for the company.

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