Countr is a new social shopping e-commerce site based in and targets the United States. The company was founded in August 2014 and officially launched their site in 2016. We were faced with helping a new e-commerce brand grow in a competitive market while also making sure we stayed as profitable as possible.



United States


We focused our time on understanding the target customer and a/b testing ad copy and messaging to see what moved the needle. We used those learnings to lower their CPA and increase account sign-up & revenue for the site. We continued on this path when the app launched in Autumn 2017.

We manage their AdWords, Google Shopping and Facebook marketing for the site and app. We worked on the design and branding related to marketing communication, which includes email marketing and paid media. We also helped guide public relations and influencer marketing for Countr to make sure all marketing had a consistent tone, brand and message. We also helped the client run a/b tests and do CRO related to their ecom funnel and site. Building more trust in their funnel and having less people drop out of the funnel was our objective. With the site, we have been a/b testing marketing messages on the homepage based on ad copy that was working for us across Facebook.



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