Bonfire is a design and technology company specializing in custom apparel. They help people sell shirts online, fundraise for a good cause, or simply order custom printed products direct.



United States



We started with a 2 hour kickoff meeting with Kevin Penney, Bonfire CMO, to truly understand the business and history. This allowed us to combine historic knowledge with a deep audit of their ad accounts to form our strategy. Restructuring and reorganizing their AdWords and Bing lead to Bing going from the 4th to 3rd best performing channel within 2 months (while maintaining CPA).

An early idea was helping Bonfire go after ad agencies that have NGOs clients. Ad agency partnerships can be a powerful way for technology brands to grow faster. We mocked up a landing page to help show our idea.  We also created a one page document that an ad agency can give to their NGO client about what Bonfire is and how the company works. Helping grow a business beyond channels is something we think about for each client.



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