Ad formats from video to images and even carousel ads give you lots of ways to present your brand and style. Every brand has access to the same ad formats but we can all present a unique brand style. Here are 10 ad styles that convert on paid social. 

Tables of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Ad Styles that Convert


Ads that win and convert have 4 traits in common:

  • Trust
  • Previous Customer Experience
  • Quality
  • Social Proof

When you create an ad that has all (or a majority of these traits), you stand a better chance of winning the ad auction. 

In regards to creative, Facebook has this to say:

Brands who succeed make 11x more creative vs competitors.
56% of brands lift in KPIs is attributed to quality creative. 

Regardless of what some marketers say, creative does matter when it comes to paid advertising. We are not saying it’s the only thing that matters or that it’s the most important aspect of winning at paid social. We are just saying it’s important to have great creative.

Faceboook might say this because people see ads in the following order:

  1. Creative
  2. Copy
  3. Page Name/Photo

At this point, making sure your creative and ad copy match the audience you are targeting is more important than ever. Here are 10 ad styles that we know convert across ad formats.

Ad Styles that Convert

‘Top 5 Reasons”

This ad style is all about giving people a list of reasons why you should buy. This works because it lets a brand say why (or how) they think their product can help you or solve some problem you may be facing. I have seen this ad work with the top 3 reasons why as well. It’s great for top of funnel audiences.

“Customer Review 50 / 50”

This is an adstye that bisects a post, with 50% ad copy and 50% creative. What makes this ad style powerful is: Social Proof + Product Focus. Mix a product image/GIF with a customer review of the product. Brands like @eatmagicspoon have this down to an artform.

5 Star Reviews

People trust people. This ad style leverages positive reviews from customers to shift people’s minds, and covince them to try out their product. Most ecom and DTC brands use some similar style ads like this to show hundreds or thousands of people love their product. Plus it works. 

Price Point

An ad style that shows off the price point of products you sell. Setting expectations for what you sell is key. If you got it, show it off. This is especially good if you position your products around being of value.

“Why Does it Cost $$$?”

This ad works really well for higher end or more expensive products. It basically gives a run down as to why the cost is what it is. You get to counter their argument that you are charging too much, so it helps weed out unqualified traffic. 

User Generated Content (UGC)

As you may have guessed, this is content that is generated by your customers. Who better or more qualified to show off why they like your product? People want to hear from other people over your brand.

Customer Reviews (video format)

Very similar to 5 star reviews but in video format.

Story Poll Ads

A hugely underused ad format and one you should be using if you are in commerce. We actually had a whole post on instagram story polls! If you’re looking to step up your poll game, or wondering how it can benefit you, you can learn more here.


Similar to customers talking about your product. Having people with a bit of star power that customers look up to is a great way to get people interested in your product and brand.

Unboxing or Surprise & Delight

It’s like Christmas day but not actually on Christmas. The anticipation of opening a box and seeing what is inside. People love getting gifts and people love watching other people open a box. Just look on YouTube for Apple unboxing videos.

These are just 10 styles you can use withing the 3 main ad formats (video, images, carousel) you havea ccess to on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t limit what you do as you try to scale up your Facebook ad account.