CBD and Psychedelics advertising are picking up as consumers buy more products containing them. However, the advertising options can be limited. Here are the best places to advertise right now.

CBD and Psychedelics advertising is the hot place to focus on as an industry. This post won’t cover having a blog, growing a newsletter audience, affiliate marketing, doing SEO and trying to build a community around your brand, products and company. Or even doing influencer marketing.

The big issue is Google, Amazon, Facebook / Instagram won’t let you advertise CBD products right now. Snap will let you run CBD products if you are in Canada or a country where it is approved. Since CBD or more so THC is not approved in the United States, you can not use Snap ads there.

Here are some other options and with the site, product and marketing. You can get sales for your CBD products and grow the business. We have seen success on these sites over the years with different brands and products.

Smaller Sites & Blog

This is a hard one and no central spot to find a list of blogs to advertise on. Think about where your customers are and how they spend their time online. That is where you want to buy ads. If I was in Canada, I would look at sites like BlogTo.

You can also use SparkToro to find out who is talking about your industry and see if those people have blogs or sites to advertise on. There is the leg work up front but it pays off when you have a targeted list to advertise on.

Native Advertising

Taboola and Outbrain are the two biggest content networks out there. As the merger of the two sites goes forwards, it may be the best spot to run content marketing ads for CBD products. You can also look at Field Test, Kush Click, and Healthy Ads.


A bit of leg work but you can test out podcast advertising and see how it works. A lot of brands use it only for awareness but that does not mean you can get someone to convert off hearing your head.

Adult/Porn Sites

The porn industry, from a tech POV, are usually ahead of the curve. Using Trafficjunky, which owns Pornhub and other xxx sites to run ads for your product is worth a test. If you are going into an industry that is already looked down on by the major ads networks, you might as well test advertising on porn sites.

Display/Banner Ads and DSPs

Sites like Iron Pulley, Ripe Media and others are accepting banner ads for CBD brands. You can also check out Traffic Root, and Mantis Ad for DSP solutions.

This is a jumping off point if you have a CBD product and want to run advertising for it. See you next time.