The Challenge..

Growbots is a startup based in Poland (with a San Francisco office) that offers a SaaS platform for outbound lead generation. The brand was launched in 2014 and grew quickly using their own tool.

Growbots is competing in a market with a dozen other startups who are well funded and want to own the market. We were tasked with working with their head of growth to prove AdWords could work for their business and bring in profitable clients each month.


United States

Our Role

We launched an AdWords account targeting the United States. We also consulted on analytics and data tracking to make sure we had the right data to work with. We built a dashboard to help track results and KPIs across the company. We also helped the head of growth build a high-converting landing page that got prospects to sign up for a product demo.

Our Process

We started by doing industry research to understand how each competitor branded themselves. We used that information to do keyword research and write ad copy that was going to make Growbots stand out in the market. As data came in, we iterated on what campaigns and keywords worked and paused those that weren’t profitable. Within 6 months we tripled the spend while maintaining lead quality and the number of demos.

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