Grab A Gardener

The Challenge..

Grab A Gardener launched in the summer of 2016 to provide people across the United Kingdom with an on-demand gardener for their home. We took over managing the marketing for the startup from a UK based agency. The founders needed help growing the business and learning how to manage their own AdWords account.


United Kingdom

Our Role

We reorganized the AdWords account over a 60 day period. We did an audit on their Google Analytics account to make sure it was getting the right data from AdWords and other sources in the company. We trained the founders to manage and take over running their AdWords account during our 60 day plan.

We also advised the founders on running a startup in the UK based on our own founders past experience of working for Mopp and Elder, which was one reason we won the business from a UK based agency. Finally, we helped the startup with the initial go-to-market strategy to launch a new service that was focused on the London market.

Our Process

After a half-day audit on their account and interviewing the founders about the first 8 months of the company, we adjusted budgets & campaigns to help focus our spend on where there was demand for the service. We also built out new campaigns in the account to help grow the business where there was already demand outside London. We also wrote new ad copy for new regions in the United Kingdom.

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