Digital Agency Day

The Challenge..

Digital Agency Day was an online and in-person event run by Unbounce and Hubspot to inspire and educate agencies on how they can grow their business and revenue. Our goal was to sell out the event and create something from scratch that both brands could use in the future.


Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Australia & New Zealand

Our Role

I created a marketing plan to launch the course while working with Hubspot. This marketing plan needed to focus 100% on agency people. I ran paid media from pre-launch and launch to post launch, which is when we gave out digital assets from the event.

I managed a $10,000 budget on AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, Taboola and Twitter. This was the largest media budget that Unbounce has ever spent on a single campaign, which was not focused on customer acquisition.

Our Process

I researched all digital channels that allowed us to effectively target advertising agency people. That research let us build out the marketing plan, campaign ideas and ad copy. We launched our first set of campaigns and iterated on what campaigns worked and paused those that weren’t profitable. I shifted budgets to those campaigns that worked as we scaled up spend and attendees towards event day.

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